Tequila Makes Us Happy!

Here at Happy Days Gifts, we are always looking to be creative with our drink selections. We cover some of the biggest, premium and unique brands across our core product ranges providing some beautifully unique gin, prosecco, whisky, rum and vodka gifts for all occasions.

But we thought we should go one step further... And expand our portfolio. We love our matchbox gift boxes so decided to extend our range and we are now delighted to introduce our Tequila, Cognac, aged whiskey and golden rum gift sets.

These sets are wonderfully unique, drawing on some of the best brands such as Silver Patron and Maestro Dobel tequila and Martell XO or Courvoisier brandy. These make a perfect birthday alcohol gift set of high quality, beautifully packaged in a matchbox gift set. Check out our full matchbox range below and don't forget to add your personalised postcard to complete the perfect gift.

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