Introducing Brixton Gin!

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We are delighted to be adding this beautiful new Brixton gin to our ever growing collection at Happy Days Gifts. Designed and produced by a couple during Lockdown, this up and coming gin really gives back to its local community. They decided to see what could be sourced and grown locally and ready for use in their gin making. They partnered up with small family run businesses that produce local ingredients - the inclusion of local raw honey from Brixton Bees a particular highlight - but they also turned neglected spaces into teeming gardens for botanicals that are used within this special gin. 

As a small company ourselves, we love supporting other local business but especially when they have created a truly distinctive and memorable tasting gin. This gin uses wood violets and hibiscus in their botanical mix that gives it delicate floral notes to go alongside more traditional juniper and citrus expressions. 

This beautiful new gin has been added to our large bottle collection which makes the ideal premium gift for your special someone. It suits all occasions and we have partnered with a great selection of Double Dutch tonics and accompanying bar snacks. Check them out now! 

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