Baby Guinness has arrived!

Baileys Cocktails Guinness Tia Maria

Yes….you have read it right…the Baby Guinness hamper has finally arrived in our store and we are absolutely delighted to be adding it to our collection. 

Growing up and partying as a teenager in Ireland, it is safe to say, I became VERY familiar with this shot (some would say a little too familiar but that is another day’s story!) and adored that the contents, when poured correctly, resembled a beautiful mini pint of stout!

Contents of this hamper includes:

1x35 cl bottle of Tia Maria
1x35cl bottle of Baileys Original
2x Baileys branded shot glasses
1x Guinness crisps
2x Guinness chocolate

This beautiful combination of baileys and the coffee liqueur Tia Maria is truly a taste to be desired. So whether you are new to this idea or familiar with it (like me!), it is time to relive the good auld days, take a trip down memory lane and down one of my favourite shots in the world. Go on……try it today! 



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